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Transforming the way businesses understand, engage and optimize shopper behaviour within retail spaces by using latest in Iot and data analytics. For retailers, individual stores, shopping malls, restaurants and public spaces. We are the authorized distributor of FootfallCam 3D Plus for the United Arab Emirates, Dubai.

Analytics about your Physical Spaces at your Fingertips.

Understand Visitor Behaviour inside your Physical premises, which could be your Retail Stores, Shopping Malls, Airports or any Event Venue and measure the performance at the same time.
We Combine 3D Stereotype Vision + Wifi Analytics to provide industry leading 98% counting accuracy rate due to stereo vision technology and state of the art tracking algorithms. Ready to consume Data Analytics that are built by collecting data over several IOT devices. We have successfully helped 100's of Retailers across Middle East and Dubai in adapting Footfall,  People Counter and WiFi Enabled Solutions. Our  People counting solution in dubai comes with robust reporting anaytics.

People Counting Solutions for all Industries

We are the  Leaders and Innovators in the field of People Counting and usage of the data as a key metric for Retailers, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Public Spaces, SuperMarkets, Ports and Libraries.

Important Features:
Bi directional 3D video plus WiFi counting , Accurate counting with video Proof, Flash Mounting Compatible, Leading Image processing technology, Hardware watchdog, Most comprehensive software suite. Manage multiple counters from the head office.
Over 120,000 Counters installed World Wide.


Analytics about your Physical Spaces at your Fingertips.

What our customers are saying
The team at Araya Solutions has been great in helping us setup our footfall counters and analytics across the retail group. We are now able to monitor and optimize our understanding of the stores. —John Doe, (Retail Group) . Cartier clients we have worked with
We were finally able to understand the visitors behaviour within our Shopping Malls and charge rents according to footfall and heatmaps. Thank s to Araya Solutons, all went smoothly and we were trained to be data driven team — Alpha Dialo lulu group customer
Product features
Visitor Count Analytics
Count the number of people entering, exiting and passing by your stores with 98% accuracy, in real time. People Counting uses powerful algorithims.
Outside Traffic
Count the number of people passing by your stores who donto  enter your store.  Tie it down to a Marketing Campaign and measure Turn In rates. Outside footfall are also deciding factors for malls deciding on rental agreements.
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Visit Duration and Dwell Time

Understand how much time a visitor or shopper is spending inside your physical store in real time.  Our people counting device analyses this data with reporting.

Customer Loyalty and Visit Pattern Analysis
Personalise Customer Behaviour by identifying and understanding your loyal shoppers through customer counting data gathered by the people counting solution.
Cross Shopping Behaviour
If you are a Retail Group then you can understand how much shoppers are engaged in your portfolio. You can now measure cross-shopping across all your stores using people counting device.
Footfall to Sales Conversions Ratios

Is your Footfall getting converted to Sales? Integrate your ERP or POS Data to measure footfall to sales conversion ratios. 


footfallcam data analytics
Mobile Friendly, Easy to Use

An IOT Platform integrated with Data Analytics that works on any device from anywhere.
Access Data in Real-Time and Empower your Teams and Business. Over 65+ Business Intelligence integrations available.

footfallcam makes business agile
Make your Business Agile

Our solutions provide traffic analysis to all levels of your organization to drive your business forward. Optimize staff allocations, Manage shifts and times better. 
Now you can better manage your physical spaces.

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Grow your Business
Add value and  measure ROI on your low performing outlets or stores.
Close down sick units or build strategies to optimize and turn your business around by understanding your stores and customers.

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