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In this E-Book, we'll cover the most critical components of a website optimized for lead generation. You'll find useful tips in here whether you're coming from a startup generating leads from scratch, or from a well-established business looking to tighten up your website to increase conversions. 

Topics we will cover are

  • Lead generation forms
  • A form scraping tool
  • Primary and secondary calls-to-action on
    every page
  • Gated offers on landing pages
  • Pop-up forms
  • Intuitive design and thoughtful CTA
  • A blog with lead-generating CTAs
  • Social proof and other trust-builders

Hi, I am Karen and I am Inbound Marketing Specialist. I work with organisations and help them create quality content to attract their target audience and understanding the buyer's journey on their website.
I am also the creator of this e-book, if you would like to get in touch with me directly shoot out an email to

Karen Smith

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