9 Common Questions around People Counting Solution

We are compiling a list of the questions that the clients normally present to us in our conversations, around choosing people counting solutions for retail, shopping mall or public spaces. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you are looking for answers to any of the questions presented below.

1. What are people counters and how do they work?

2. We do not understand the difference in different generation of people counters, please tell us the difference between infrared, thermal, 2D counter, 3D counter, stereoscopic?

3. Assumption people counters have the same capabilities as a CCTV system?

4. When you say my existing people counting system is not scalable to have latest features, what does it exactly mean?

5. Assumption people counters can differentiate between a staff and visitor in video count today?

6. Why do I need to use people counting system when my source of truth is my sales data?

7. Is the cloud usage of the reporting software for people counting available for free?

8. The assumption it is complicated to install and set up a people counting system and it requires lot of support?

9. Can we integrate the system easily with our POS ( point of sale ) and other BI ( business intelligence ) tools?

To know more about people counting technology you can also refer to our blog section for retail or you can click this link http://blog.arayasolutions.com/people-counting-buy-footfallcam-3d-plus-in-dubai.













Karen Smith - Inbound Specialist

Karen is our Inbound Marketing Specialist for Retail and Hospitality Industries. Her deep experience in working with top brands across the globe has led her to gaining rich insights into physical spaces growth strategies. She also works with our customers to create relevant marketing campaigns for personal profiling, engagement and data analytics.

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